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Somaliland - I too love you!

Somaliland - I too love you!

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Qalinkaa wax suureeya,
Kugu sima halkaad doonto,
Saaxiib kal furan weeye,
Sunto fara ku hayntiisa,
Weligaa ha sii deynin.
"Sahra" - M I W Hadraawi


A Note of my teachers

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Ponte Invisibile, the publishing arm of the redsea-online.com culture foundation, is pleased to announce a set of new four books written by four well established and professional writers. These books will be available soon to order online, but in the meantime, if interested, you can write us at orders@redsea-online.com.

Adduun iyo Taladdii – A Collection of Essays about Citizenship by Rashid Sheikh Abdillahi ‘Gadhwayne’
Taxanaha Cursiyo - 4. Ponte Invisibile (redsea-online.com)
ISBN 88-88934-16-2. Pisa, 2010

Tolow Colka Jooja: Salaan Carrabey- The life and literature of a legendary Somali poet by Yusuf Shaacir
Ponte Invisibile (redsea-online.com)
ISBN 88-88934-10-3. Pisa, 2010

Hiil – Waayaha Dadka La Hayb-sooco by Hassan Abdi Madar
Taxanaha Cursiyo - 3. Ponte Invisibile (redsea-online.com)
ISBN 88-88934-15-4. Pisa, 2010

‘Fanka, Masraxa iyo Suugaantiisa’ – Somali Theatre and Literature by Abdirahman Yusuf Arten
Ponte Invisibile (redsea-online.com)
ISBN 88-88934-14-6. Pisa, 2010

Comunicato stampa

Materia Cinese, Chinese Matter è un volume di testi brevi in prosa e in versi, scritto da Lina Unali e pubblicato nel 2003 dalla Casa Editrice Ponte Invisibile di Pisa Hargeisa Londra. Euro 9.90

Chinese matter, Chinese Matter is a short volume of texts in prose and in verse written by Lina Unali and published in 2003 by the Invisible Bridge Publishing House of Pisa Hargeisa London. Euro 9.90

UNALI L. / Materia Cinese

NEW! and available for ordering online.

Order it today!

UNALI L. / Chinese matter

REDSEA-ONLINE.COM Publishing Group is looking to publish books which complement our programs in Education, Social Studies, Human Rights, Sciences and Litreture. We publish books in English, Italian and Somali languages. We strongly encourage authors who write in Somali language.

Technological advances, customer expectations, as well as the changing market needs are having an enormous impact on the publishing business.

In this increasingly competitive environment, planning is the key to our mutual success and profit. We believe in planning for market impact, quality, and efficiency at the very inception of a product.

As author, you are a part of this process, and we need your help.

We will provide with you more explaination on the production process to you, and will guide you in preparing your text and illustration manuscript. By following our suggestions, you can help ensure smooth efficient production, high-quality products, and on-time delivery to customers.

Contact the editor (editor@redsea-online.com) for more information.

Please do NOT send manuscript as we will not consider for publication any uncalled manuscript.

Best Regards,
The Editor, RSOL.

MAY 21, 2003

Entitled “My Teachers’ Group: News report of an injustice”, this 256 pages book by Jama Musse Jama, describes the situation of Hargeisa in 1982, in particularly the student’s upraising (also known as Dhagaxtuur) after the arrest of the “UFFO” group. It narrates the story of the “UFFO” group from their arrest until their release in 1989, after they were put in jail for eight long years in an incommunicado-maximum-security prison known as Labaatan Jirow.

My Teachers’ Group: news report of an injustice
Jama Musse Jama
Published by “Ponte Invisibile Edizioni”, Pisa, 2003
256 pages, 12.5x19.2 cm
ISBN: 88-88934-01-4
Paper cover, Euro 19.50.

Includes historical pictures and original documents from the Security Court that tried UFFO Group in 1982.

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Order your copy today! Fill the form in all its parts (fields with the red star are absolutely necessary. If you want that we contact you by phone, please also fill the appropriate field.)
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This new book by Jama Musse Jama, published in Italian, is about Layli Goobalay, a traditional African game that is also known as Mancalà or Oware. This variant of the game is played in almost all Somali inhabited area in the horn of Africa and in particularly in Somaliland.

The proceeds of this publication will be entirely donated to "Amina Malko" Center For Somaliland Orphanages at Berbera

You can read here the full text of this book's presentation in Italian also in books section.

"A note on My teachers' Group: news report on an injustice" by Jama Musse Jama. The new book will be available soon for distribution.

Read readers' comments on this book

or see Authors reasoning on this publication

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