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Somaliland - I too love you!

Somaliland - I too love you!

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Qalinkaa wax suureeya,
Kugu sima halkaad doonto,
Saaxiib kal furan weeye,
Sunto fara ku hayntiisa,
Weligaa ha sii deynin.
"Sahra" - M I W Hadraawi


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Download Profile: Art and Literature: The Other Weapon for Resistance

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Art and Literature: The Other Weapon for Resistance

Mohamed-Rashiid Sheikh Hassan (rashid108@hotmail.com)

In the earlier years of colonization, African native languages and cultures were seen as inferior and incomprehensible and did not even deserve scientific examinations. Nations themselves were often seen as narrations. The power and the authority to narrate or to block other narratives from emerging were, according to Edward Said, an important aspect of the culture of the imperialism.

African nations and states don’t want to be seen any more as “inventions.” They have already become members of the international community and though as yet not economically prosperous they don’t feel culturally inferior to the older nations. Literature and arts particularly oral literature has played a significant role in the understanding of the state complexity and the political ideas associated with it.

This presentation highlights how literature was utilized for resistance against:
· colonial powers
· Post-colonial state corruptions, manipulations and particularly the oppression of the military regime and its abuse of human rights in the Somali context and how the militry regime used also to discredit the opposition.
· and finally the lamentation of the loss of the state and the restoration of somaliland as a separate state.

Author: Mohamed-Rashiid Sheikh (jmgurey at gmail dot com)
Version: 1.0 Filesize: 201.37 Kb

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