mySiteOnCD - Version 1.0 - build 1

mySiteOnCD is a part of Multi Purpose Information Finder (MPIF) package. This MPIF application is a generic starter up for other applications that serve your dynamic website on readonly devices like CDRom or DVD.

mySiteOnCD is equipped with fully functional internal httpd server. It provides support for Apache. It can automatically configure and launch Apache, if there is one on the same CDRom.

mySiteOnCD provides support for mySQL. It will start automatically if there is one on the CDRom.

In a classical scenario, mySiteOnCD starts its internal web server -or if configured otherwise - it launches an external standalone webserver. It also starts database service and your preferred web browser. More specifically, the current version of mySiteOnCD is delivered with Apache (php4 module), mySQL 4 and it starts your preferred registered web browser.

MPIF applications require Windows 95/95/NT/2000/XP.

mySiteOnCD is FREE software written by Jama Musse Jama (jama at redsea-online dot com).

For licence details on Apache, PHP, mySQL refer to their respective websites.

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